The Beauty in Pain

The Beauty in Pain

Being rational-as opposed to being emotional; Being sensible-as opposed to being impulsive – in a difficult situation is a rare virtue. But then what if someone intentionally chooses not to be virtuous.

Every kind of emotion brings with it an associated feeling as an aftermath and if you choose one over another – you choose to lose out on the after effect of the other. The question of right from wrong, virtue from vice if kept aside for a while–Might the experience of an emotional after-effect worth the risk of purposely walking down the path of “not being right” ?

Pain is a beautiful emotion which has an everlasting impact on a person. We often crave for that extra bit of happiness in our lives– but then the subtle pain that it comes with, adds the missing dimension to the experience making it absolute in the process.

“Given the choice between the experience of pain and nothing, I would choose pain”. William Faulkner

And wouldn’t the pain be in vain if we don’t consider it worthy in our lives. If we don’t recognize the value of it and learn to acknowledge it, the emotion loses its purpose. The intense feeling one gets out of experiencing the emotion is a feeling, probably worth living a life for.

Oftentimes moments arrive in our lives when sanity leaves our sides. Parting from our beloved ones due to situations beyond our control, is inevitable. And when such situations arise, the feeling we experience gets ever so intense, especially so, when the dreadful string – ” this is the last time ” comes attached to it.

Parting might take the form of having to leave your beloved ones,once and for all, when they might have to move on to seek new beginnings in their lives – or when they leave the world to seek a life beyond mortality. In either case, it’s the feeling that this would be the last time we are with him/her is the strongest emotion draining us out of our life blood.

One might question the judgment behind making new acquaintances in our lives, when one can be so vulnerable on being hurt during the inevitable separation it had accompanied. But can there be another explanation to this never-ending cycle of sorrow-

This might really be the last time but only in your physical and material selves. The close friend who is no more today in your life is not present physically – but no one could ever take him/her out of your life mentally and emotionally. The girl/boy you have had loved so intensely and couldn’t get to be with, hasn’t disappeared from your life because she/he resides in your very heart. You have those priceless moments in your mental repertoire, that you can dig into any time, free from the inhibitions imposed upon you by your circumstances. The fact that the wonderful feeling can never be taken away is worth all that pain it inflicted you with.

Yes it would hurt when you think of the beautiful moments you had shared with your beloved ones and realize with a heavy heart that they would never come back. But then in that feeling of pain comes an immense pleasure when you realize that that those priceless moments are forever yours to keep !

As someone has famously said – “Sometimes absence is required to feel the presence more intensely”. But can an absolute absence make that presence last for eternity..Perhaps…….but time alone can tell.

“A part of you has grown in me.
And so you see, it’s you and me
together, forever and never apart,
maybe in distance, but never in heart.” ~ Anonymous

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