Meeting Ana

An old woman peered at her burst tire with a desolate look on her face. A tornado warning was underway and the few cars on the otherwise busy-street of Harrison Avenue were in search of a shelter.

I had been on calls for the most part of the day, before being finally dragged out of office by a colleague of mine. As I headed home against my better judgment, the signal turned red. A heavy downpour started splattering against my windshield. Struggling to peer over the deluge, I caught a glimpse of the stranded lady.

Right then, the emergency lights from the car in front of me started flashing. A girl hopped out of the car clutching a red umbrella in her hand. As the winds began howling, she gingerly crossed over to the other side desperately clinging to her umbrella. A few anxious moments transpired between them when the signal turned green. With her arms wrapped around the elderly lady, she scurried off to her car, casting me an apologetic glance. Our gazes were locked in for a few moments when a huge bang from somewhere made me jump. It was a lightning strike a few feet from us followed by a bellowing thunder. That was the first time I had encountered lightning from such close proximity. But it was the girl that had floored me!

Five years have passed since that fateful night. Ana was now the love of my life. She was never the most beautiful girl in her class. At five feet two, Ana was of slightly below average height and definitely larger than the size-zero model. She hardly ever used any makeup and always stayed away from expensive products and face masks. But in her simplicity, she was stunningly gorgeous. Her inner beauty radiated from her eyes, providing a natural glow to her skin. Her smile was honest and genuinely infectious. She could make anyone feel special in her company. Though she always strived for excellence in everything she did, she never demanded anything of anyone. Always thinking from her heart, she was the most kind-hearted person I had ever met.


Meet Ana and Dev in “The Last Resort” to find out if they can break free of their extraordinary predicament. Set to be released on Halloween, this is a short story that would keep you at the edge of your seat.

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Blurb: When you have the one thing that could revive a bereaved man in distress, compassion becomes second nature. But what if your empathy puts the love of your life at stake?