The Last Resort      A Short Story

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When you have the one thing that could revive a bereaved man, compassion becomes second nature. But what if your empathy puts the love of your life at stake?

Partho, The Unconventional Investigator ~ The Mystery of the Missing Bags

The plot begins with a newspaper ad for exchanged baggage in an airport in Kolkata. Partho, an inventor of scientific gadgets is the protagonist of the story. He tries to put together the missing pieces of the puzzle when he discovers that bags of the same color and make have gone missing from various locations on one particular date.

Things quickly get out of control when a murder takes place and an old friend, Tom, is found to be stuck in the midst of it. The apparently simple puzzle regarding exchanged baggage takes a new turn when the events lead to a UAE based archaeologist, Subhajeet. It turns out that Subhajeet had been working on a secret project before traveling to India and suffering a sudden cardiac arrest which pushed him into a coma on his way home from Abu Dhabi. The living will of the old archaeologist will take effect in less than ten days, before which Partho and his team are tasked with solving the mystery to at least let the man die in peace.

What was in the original Travel Pro which led to the murders? What was the secret that Subhajeet had uncovered? The answers can only be found with an expedition to UAE with a grumpy old advocate Ahluwalia, who acts as the local guide. A three-day visit to UAE soon turns into a horrific nightmare when the investigators become accused of the murder of a key witness in an alien land. Partho and team must come up with unconventional methods to save their lives when they discover they are going head to head on with a notorious underworld gang. Is there any light at the end of the tunnel? Can Partho succeed in beating the odds in the face of hopelessness and despair? Read on this mysterious tale to find out.

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